Virtual currencies

How to hold (accumulate) virtual currencies safely, easily and reliably? 

Which virtual currencies to hold?

Where to do graph analysis and news monitoring of virtual currencies?  

When to buy virtual currencies?

Where to buy new projects?

Data takes your investment to higher and more reliable terrain

Data (ecosystem, utility, technology, social and news) of the virtual currencies with the greatest long-term projection.

Binance is the virtual currency exchange platform  which provides a platform to trade over 100 digital assets.

Since 2018, it is considered the exchange platform with the largest commercial volume in the world. 

Taking into account the data (ecosystem, utility, technology, social and news, RSI, fibonacci, trend, impulses, etc).  the following projects are held  ETH , HOLO and ADA .  + 8 optional currencies (ont, rvn, icx,  xlm, iota, xrp, ltc, iotx). BTC  for market reference only, and entries for optional currencies.

100% secure and reliable tools and information to track and analyze virtual currencies

through the blog and Telegram      Data will be published on possible entries to buy, taking into account indicators such as trend line, RSI, MACD, fibonacci retracement, among others.

The Virtual Currency Market

to September 16, 2021


Virtual currencies, or tokens


They are scams - fake


Top 100 MVs by Market Cap


MV Main Target to hold. 


Optional MVs for Holderar (diversification)



Real Digital Asset Index:  is the first comprehensive framework and method for evaluating and classifying cryptoassets based on their underlying attributes.


Exchange with the largest volume in the market


Are you ready to start?

You will find the information to start buying virtual currencies without an intermediary in the DATA section, right there you will find tools that will make the process of understanding the MV market easier.  follow these steps

1. Check the DATA section of this website.


2. Check the socialized platforms in the data section and register with Binance .


3. Receive information about tickets to purchase through the blog and the telegram channel