Virtual currencies

Platforms, News, and Tools = Data.
Everything you need to know to get your virtual coins in the best possible way

Platform for buying virtual currencies

To start accumulating virtual currencies, the first step is to register with the leading exchange in the sector, click here to register with Binance .  and take advantage of the annual interest higher than 10% for the virtual currencies that they keep in their wallets, and without any maintenance cost.

If you want a super simple platform to buy virtual currencies, I recommend Uphold , this Wallet handles 46 virtual currencies, as well as stocks, metals, among others. Click Here to register with Uphold .


What coins to buy? o Which ones not to buy?

By processing the online data of virtual currencies, MV reaches these  big projects:  E thereum (ETH) , HOLO (HOT) , and  Ada (Cardano) .  + 8 optional currencies , in order to diversify, are presented  Ontology (ONT), Ravencoin (RVN),  ICON (ICX)  Stellar (XLM) , IOTA (MIOTA) XRP (Ripple) ,  Litecoin (LTC) ,  IoTeX (IOTX).

In relation to  Bitcoin (BTC),  this will only be shared as  market benchmark in general, and specifically to provide favorable entry points for holding the optional currencies .  Take into account the recommendation not to invest money that you are not willing to lose.  It is recommended to read the "Disclaimer " at the end of each blog post, or at the end of the  page.

Blog posts, with relation  To the entries to hold (accumulate) virtual currencies, they are educational data, which will serve as a guideline for the reader to make their own analysis using the tools provided on this page (data area), such as analysis platforms, news readings , among other.


Platforms, News and  Tools = Data

CoinMarketCap : It is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to Virtual Currencies, it offers statistical data on each of them. you will get information by ranking by  price and market capitalization.

Tradingview : It is an online platform that allows technical analysis and financial visualization, it has a social network with 30 million traders who share charts  to detect opportunities in global markets. 

MetaTrader (mt4) (mt5) :  It is a very intuitive and simple trading platform, It includes the vast majority of technical indicators, You can create and modify indicators, alerts, etc. and there is a lot of information on how to use it. to work it must be associated with a profile in a broker that has functionality with virtual currencies, such as bdswiss   In the trading link of the bdswiss page you will find the platforms including mt4 and mt5 ready to start (just register and connect the account), I recommend using the MACD, RSI indicators and using trend lines.

RDA Index : The RDA Index ranks crypto assets (virtual currencies) based on their underlying attributes of utility, technology, ecosystem stability, and sentiments. It is the first comprehensive framework and method for evaluating and classifying cryptoassets based on their underlying attributes.

Cointelegraph : It is a great independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets (virtual currencies) and emerging trends in financial technology.

COIN360 : It is a live platform on the exchange data of virtual currencies. the data is displayed in a visually appealing way. 

Tokensniffer : This site scans contracts for known scams, maintains a list of  scams / hackers  and calculates the similarity of the contract. You can also use it to find the  newer tokens . 

Cryptomiso : It is a web service for the classification of virtual currencies, it lists the confirmation history  and records how often your base code is updated,  in general, it records all activity related to development.

CryptoLaw : Provides information, news, and analysis on key US legal and regulatory developments for major virtual currencies. Actions taken by the US Congress, US regulatory agencies, and US courts will have a major impact on the future of this technology around the world.  CryptoLaw  provide public information, links to news articles and research analysis on legal, regulatory and policy issues related to virtual currencies and blockchain technology

lunarcrush : It is a research and social listening company of virtual currencies, it provides statistical data related to the sentiment of a currency (how much is mentioned for and against said currency).

2miners:   Grupo de Minería de Criptomonedas

El más rentable grupo de minería para GPU y ASIC. Pagos regulares, tutoriales, servidores confiables, bot de monitoreo de plataforma. Totalmente compatible con Nicehash. click AQUI para saber como minar RVN usando 2miners

NiceHash : It is a MINING platform available to everyone, it has a profitability analysis system to compare the potential profits of your hardware (taking energy costs into account) - easy to use and install, it is recommended to have powerful and modern hardware.

CoinList  is an exchange dedicated to the pre-sale of tokens or also known by its initials ICOs, making it accessible to anyone to make investments in new projects that have not yet been listed on exchanges with higher volumes of capital

When to buy virtual currencies? o When to sell?

Through the  Blog  and the Telegram will share favorable prices, on possible market entries, or exits. taking into account all the online information plus the indicators such as trend line, RSI, MACD, Fibonacci retracement, impulses, among others. for this reason I invite you to join the TELEGRAM MV channel  and subscribe to the newsletters on the page MonedasVirtuales.Online.  

It is recommended to read the "Disclaimer" at the end of each blog post, or at the end of the  page.

Can you get free and risk-free virtual coin fractions?  YES.

FreeBitcoin:   It is a platform with a reward system that allows you to win small fractions of Bitcoin (satoshis) for free in a very simple way. It has more than 25 million users around the world, making it one of the most popular and reliable faucets in the industry today. currently  is the best option to earn bitcoins for free online. Personally, I have been able to exchange 4 times the minimum withdrawal amount 0.00030000 BTC, in a period of 4 and a half years and I am still active on the platform.

After registration, you just have to solve the captcha (Test used by web sites and services to check if the user is a human Internet user and not a robot; it consists of simple identifications of letters, figures or images.)

NOTE: September 21, 2021,  when entering the platform  FreeBitcoin from COLOMBIA, I get blocked by the Col-games page, because on this website you can make bets with the satoshis (btc) that were generated for free, said bets can be made on the football matches of the Most recognized leagues and other sports, it also provides other services such as casino.  

The easiest way to perform mining in the CLOUD is currently in the process of being verified.  LTC, if the process is effective and risk-free, it will be published soon.