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I am Andres Carvajal, in 2017 I received a call from a friend, who wanted us to buy between the two  1 BTC, (at that time it cost an average of $ 3,500 usd) however neither of us knew anything about virtual currencies or forex, or platforms, or tools that would facilitate the process. For this reason I rejected my friend's initiative and he also discarded the idea of proceeding with the purchase of BTC because he did not know anything about the process either. In September 2020 the price of BTC exceeded $ 10,000 usd, for this reason that same month I began learning analysis and management of tools to carry out trading in the Forex market,  and I learned about Binaries or "casino";)  For the month of March of the year 2021 I focused on the analysis of the virtual currency market, and began to hold virtual currencies, I made necessary mistakes to be able to generate knowledge and data that I now use in my favor, and which I share hereby .  

Provide data so that people interested in this market avoid the mistakes that I made, what I have learned is a drop of water, of this ocean.  This drop is reflected in the sharing of platforms, news and tools, this set of constantly updated data generates security to share operations in order to hold virtual currencies.

"I didn't fail, I only discovered 999 ways how not to make a light bulb." Thomas Alva Edison Responding to a journalist who reminded him that he had garnered almost a thousand failed attempts before he found the tungsten filament.